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With the “Internet of Things,” everyone is somewhat connected to each other, what with innumerable gadgets being used everywhere. The World Wide Web has paved the way for ecommerce, one of the fastest growing industries, as Internet users increase by a huge amount yearly since 1995. And now, almost every business has an online counterpart. Marketers have taken this vast online audience for themselves and the Internet is filled with content that will cater to all audiences with a variety of interests.

Nowadays, marketing is highly customer-centric. People choose the content they consume, and they don’t want their daily lives disturbed by old-school sales and marketing tactics. You have to be smart when posting content to your site.

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 B2B report, 60% said that producing engaging content is the biggest problem businesses are facing. 21% said that finding or training skilled content marketing professionals/content creators is in sixth place when it comes to challenges B2B marketers face.

For you to produce engaging content that will reach your target audience, you need to be smart. Putting out content on your website blindly will only serve to waste time and effort as you might not be attracting the audience you need for your business.

95% of blogs are failures because you need real commitment and hard work from a professional content marketing writer to truly reach your prospects.

You want someone who understands the ins and outs of inbound and content marketing—a content writer who knows enough about SEO and copywriting so that each blog post written can generate leads and potentially convert your readers.

There are four qualities you need in a writer, according to Neil Patel, whose skills and contributions as an entrepreneur are acknowledged by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, United Nations and former President Barrack Obama.


Here are four skills you should look for in a content marketing writer:


1. The ability to produce grammatically sound and lip-smacking delicious copy.

With shortcuts used in tweeting, texting and chatting, 26% of college graduates have deficient writing skills. Horrible grammar and wrong spelling will only serve to make your brand image look bad.

“In its poll of 1,029 UK adults, Global Lingo found that 74% of consumers paid attention to the quality of grammar and spelling on a brand’s website.”

You can judge a candidate’s grammar by asking for sample works, or, better yet, ask them to write a short essay in a limited amount of time. Not only will you be able to check his or her handle on the English language, you will also get to see if his writing has the wit and personality that will engage your readers.

In order to spot a diamond in the rough, you need to check if he or she has a persuasive headline, presents an interesting and fresh angle and speaks directly to the reader using the second person point of view.


2. Pro journalistic-level research skills.

For your content to engage your target audience, you need to know what you are doing and talking about. Research is a key factor to producing winning content.

A content marketing expert will continue studying and researching about the company’s products, the customer and the competitor until he or she fully grasps the subject matter. She or he will only start writing when she or he knows she can churn out authoritative content.


3. Knowing how to have fun with numbers.

Many content writers are bad at Math. They’ll always say they chose to work with words over numbers. But a good content marketing writer should know how to crunch numbers and produce data-driven content, which shows results of surveys, tests or experiments using tools such as Google Analytics.

Data-driven content are more likely to be shared on social media and it fosters trust in your readers. This is your way of letting them know that, “Hey, we know what we’re talking about; and we have the numbers to back it up.”


4. Managing a consistent publishing schedule with their project management skills.

Time is indeed gold; and you need someone who takes this to heart. Someone who strictly abides by the schedule you’ve mapped out and understands that missing a deadline could make your company suffer losses is the one you need.


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Bottom Line:

“Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.”

This is the reason why it has taken center stage and dethroned lesser effective traditional marketing techniques. However, getting capable content marketers is almost akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

There are various content marketing agencies out there that can supply you with content writers. But, you have to be really meticulous to separate the sheep from the goats. Sometimes, some are lucky and they stumble upon a content marketing agency that sincerely aims to produce successful content.

A content marketer with the skills mentioned above, who works hard and genuinely cares for the results of what they write, is someone you should hold onto.

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