How to Know if a Company has Excellent Customer Service

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Customer support is definitely one of the most important things to consider when looking for a company to service your needs. If something goes wrong, if you need to upgrade the services you currently have. If you just have some questions that need answers, a timely response by email or phone is key. I have had so many encounters with bad customer support. Believe me, it not only stresses you out, but it can even cost you to lose clients and money.

So, let me give you some tips based on firsthand experience on how to know if a service has excellent customer service.

To give you a basic background, these are the services I ended up choosing: GoDaddy for domain registry, Siteground for web hosting, G Suite for an email domain, and ActiveTrail for email marketing.


  • Online Reviews and Recommendations

First, you have to do some background research on the company. Do not just check out the company’s history and large clientele. This won’t be enough to gauge if they will provide good customer support. More often than not, big companies will make you wait in queue for a long time.

Read through the testimonials on their website and judge for yourself if it looks fake or not. I always make sure to look at the services they offer and what kind of technology they use. Comments on articles and online reviews are also key in helping you make the decision. These are real people sharing their own experiences. What’s better than that?

For instance, I chose Siteground for my web hosting based from reviews and recommendations. I was about to go with another company, but then I saw a few comments against that company, so I dug deeper. And wow, was I relieved that I ended up with Siteground!

For the rest of the services and tools I signed up for, I made sure to read a lot of reviews, recommendations, and complaints. It took me some time, yes. But am I sorry? No. I learned a lot and I was sure that I was paying for quality service.


  • Contact Them First

You can already tell what kind of customer support a service has once you start enquiring about the company and the service you may need from them. Your first contact with the company already says a lot about their customer support. I am not a big fan of automated email replies because it just means they received my email. What matters to me is how fast will an actual person reply to me with an email that contains the information I am looking for. An email reply, which is too informal or has bad grammar, says that the company cannot hire people competent enough to address my concerns. This is a big no-no and you may take it as a preview of what service you can expect from them.


  • Sincerity and Eagerness to Solve your Issue

If I want immediate answers to my questions, I always call the hotline. The way in which that response is given is also important. Good command of the English language, courtesy, eagerness to help and sincerely giving importance to a customer’s needs are basic qualities that should come from a customer support representative. The way the service is given is just as important as what is being delivered. Being able to speak with a customer support/sales representative is a great way to gauge if the company really cares about its customers.


  • Prioritizing You No Matter How Big or Small Your Issue

In the past, I didn’t have to actually do the email marketing automations myself. I only had to write the emails, and the email designers handle the design and automation. Now that I have my own website, I needed to know the ins and outs of my email platform.

ActiveTrail really helped me with this. Upon signing up to their free trial, I got an email from their support team asking if I wanted to schedule a live demo. Well, of course I did! They gave me a full hour of screen sharing and tutorials. It made me feel really important, and I think that’s a very important indication that a company provides excellent customer service. Note that this was only during the free trial and I wasn’t even a paying customer yet.


  • Timely Response

Now, this is a given. If a company’s support team cannot get back to you quickly by email, then that’s a bad sign. I personally feel that having to call a hotline is a waste of time. Especially when you have to wait for 10 or 20 minutes to actually get to talk to someone.

As a newbie in building websites, I needed professional help with all the tools and buttons – very basic. So, I sent Siteground support an email. In less than an hour, I received an email from one of their representatives. I never even had to call because their response was very quick.

When I was setting everything up, I got confused with the process of integrating my email with my web hosting service. I sent an email to G Suite, and I received a response in less than two hours. Not only that, but one of their representatives even called me on my mobile to make sure that I got all the help I needed. How awesome is Google?

Because I properly assessed if the services I subscribed to had excellent customer service, I don’t have to worry at all if I need help somewhere down the line.


Final Thoughts:

Please do not wait for something to go wrong to know what kind of customer support a service provider has. I believe that subscribing to a service is like entering into a partnership that is mutually beneficial to both the company and I. It will certainly not be beneficial for me to be stressed out every time I have to deal with customer support. You really need to take into consideration a company’s customer support before signing a contract with them. Finding out too late only spells trouble with a capital “T.”

What are your experiences with your chosen company’s customer service? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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